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The Move Confident 4-Week Challenge is for you if you want:

♡ A deeper understanding & connection to your female body

♡ To build strength, increase fitness and achieve your health goals with complete confidence in your movement & body

For an investment of $399
or 4x weekly payments of $100

You will receive:


♡ 2x one-to-one consults so that we can talk about YOU, your goals & your health journey


♡ Weekly reading content about the science behind the female body (including exercises/nutrition for phases of the menstrual cycle, disordered eating, hormone health + more!)


♡ Weekly journaling resources


♡ A gym & home-based exercise program


♡ Being a part of a community with like-minded women in the exclusive Move Confident Facebook Group

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10 spots available

I can't wait to serve you ♡

If you pass on your details, I will be in contact with you to sign you up or answer any questions.

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