Knowledge is POWER.


Own this ULTIMATE 8-week guide to your best self-care.


Discover a higher mind-body connection to fuel yourself with more confidence in your own health practices - after all, health and wellness is so much more than a sweat sesh and counting calories!


This ebook is designed for you if you want to have a deeper understanding of:


  • the menstrual cycle & types of exercises and nutrition that will help to nourish your menstrual cycle
  • body image, disordered eating, hormones  and self-help strategies to improve your relationship with food, body and emotions
  • the female anatomy and all its uniqueness 


You will be empowered with knowledge to lead a mindset of boundless confidence & health. 


Also available is the Move Confident Journalling package for $34.99 - receive all of the above PLUS journalling content to discover your inner beauty and deeper meaning of self-love. 

Move Confident 8-Week Challenge - Ebook